Can Workplace Gossip Be Eliminated?

Recent news stories from the world of politics have brought attention to a common workplace problem: gossip. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines gossip as “a person who reveals personal or sensational facts,” and “rumor or report of a personal nature.” These definitions reveal something important about gossip: It has two parts–the teller and the message. Without the … Read more

Four Steps for Building Employees’ Trust in Management

Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, both personal and professional, and when it is broken, it is extremely hard to repair. Yet, 45 percent of employees say that lack of trust in management is the biggest issue impacting their work performance. When employees feel they can’t trust their leaders, they feel vulnerable, unsafe, … Read more

When Love Blooms in the Breakroom: Policies for Workplace Romances

Office Romance

Workplace romances happen often, and having a policy in place to help guide the process makes the situation manageable for everyone involved. A study in 2017 from CareerBuilder revealed that 41 percent of professionals have dated a coworker and that 30 percent of office romances have led to marriage. Office relationships can seem harmless at … Read more

What Wage Theft Is and Ten Rules for Avoiding It

Wage theft occurs when an employer does not pay the all the wages to which an employee is entitled. Some common forms of wage theft are unpaid overtime, denial of meal or rest breaks, withholding tips or underpaying the minimum hourly rate for tipped workers, making illegal deductions from paychecks, misclassification of employees as independent … Read more

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