The Importance of Exit Interviews

HR conducting an exit interview with an employee

Conducting exit interviews is a standard procedure for most companies. Employment Law Handbook cites it as one of the important steps to follow when an employee resigns or is terminated. When done right, an exit interview can produce benefits for both the company and the exiting employee. With over three million Americans quitting their jobs … Read more

ICE delivers more than 5,200 I-9 audit notices in 2018

Man Showing Audit Word Through Magnifying Glass

As discussed in my most recent previous article, Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) were out in force during the week of July 16 delivering Notice of Inspection (NOI)/audit notices. Well now we know the numbers – HSI served 2,738 NOIs and made 32 arrests in a one-week period. This is a … Read more

Avoiding Favoritism in the Workplace


It is human nature to like some people more than others. For business owners and managers, however, this natural tendency can lead to trouble. If some employees are treated worse or better than others because of age, race, religion, or sex, for example, favoritism amounts to illegal discrimination. Favoritism can be legal, however. Preferences in … Read more

Dealing Compassionately with Employees with Mental Health Conditions

employee mental health

Every year natural disasters devastate communities, leaving thousands of families displaced and financially ruined. Couple that with the increase of technology pushing us to be faster, smarter, and do more things than are humanly possible–it brings no surprise that we are experiencing an increase in mental health concerns. Openly discussing mental health in the workplace … Read more

Complying with Minimum Wage Laws

The cost of not paying employees minimum wage and overtime can be significant. For example, in February, California’s Department of Industrial Relations issued a news release concerning a fine of $519,706 levied against a restaurant for paying below the minimum wage. According to the release, “The Labor Commissioner’s investigation found that…workers were paid a flat rate … Read more

Employment laws can change in a moment.
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