Eight Items to Watch for in Your Employee Handbook

Employers are required to provide employees with notice of their rights as employees. For small businesses, the familiar break room posters may be all that’s needed. Once a business grows beyond a few employees at one workplace, however, an employee handbook may be in order. Since an employee handbook may appear in court, it is … Read more

Lessons Learned about Discrimination Based on Citizenship Status

Employer hiring an employee without discriminating

There are many types of discrimination employers must avoid when hiring employees. One that is often overlooked is discrimination based on citizenship status. The cases discussed below demonstrate the risks associated with this form of discrimination, whether it is discrimination based on being a U.S. citizen or not being a U.S. citizen but being legally … Read more

Four Solutions to Bridge the Generation Gap in the Workplace

The millennial generation is entering the workplace and causing the more seasoned employees to roll their eyes and shake their heads. Having four different generations working together is challenging, but being willing to learn the experiences that shaped each one helps bring understanding and solutions. The newest generations are exactly where the older generations were … Read more

Understanding Permissible Deductions for Exempt Employees’ Salaries

An employer handing a paycheck to an employee

Salary Deductions for Exempt Employees The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) exempts certain classes of employees from their overtime payments requirements. The most common of these are administrative, executive, and professional employees. To be classified as exempt, employees must usually satisfy two criteria or tests – the salary basis test and duty tests. To meet … Read more

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