ICE’s I-9 Audits Will Increase by 400% in Fiscal Year 2018

US Customs and Border Enforcement Logo and USA flag

*Author Introduction* I’m excited about providing to you timely and impactful articles about the strange world of I-9 forms and immigration compliance for employers. I realize most employers just hate the words, I-9 forms and ICE. Both can cause you lots of headaches and maybe financial penalties. I hope through these regular articles that I … Read more

Marijuana Use Is Becoming Legal. Is Your Company Prepared?

Office desk with SUBSTANCE ABUSE paperwork and other objects around, top view

In early 2018, recreational or adult-use marijuana became legal in Maine, making it one of many states that permit either medical or recreational marijuana use. As the number of states that allow the use of marijuana grows, potential problems for employers grow as well. Below we discuss three of the many issues employers face in … Read more

Supreme Court Case Highlights Arbitration

Judge Reading Contract

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Epic Systems v. Lewis has brought mandatory arbitration agreements back to the headlines. While one law professor claims that the decision closed “the courthouse doors,” another argues that the decision may ultimately benefit workers because “arbitration…provides a cheaper, more informal mechanism for workers to assert their claims.” Another expert … Read more

Are You an Employee or Independent Contractor? Why It Matters

Independent Contractor concept with hand pressing a button

Many workers believe that their employer determines whether their status is as an independent contractor or employee, simply by designating the worker as such on an IRS Form 1099 or W-2. However, this is not the case. The relationship a worker has with an employer is governed by law, not by the employer’s judgment. Your … Read more

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