Five Steps to Follow When an Employee Quits

Resignation letter being placed on the desk of the boss

The emotional effect of an employee’s departure may make it easy to overlook the many details that must be attended to, so it makes sense to create a checklist in advance. With this in mind, perhaps the first item to place on an employee departure checklist list is: if you don’t already have a checklist, … Read more

Firing Employees for Bad Behavior Outside of Work

Fired businessman leaving office

In our age of electronic and social media, employers are increasingly faced with what to do about an employee who has acted monstrously outside of work. In the past, except for those present at the event, the larger world may never have been made aware of your employee’s rude drunken rant outside a nightclub, their … Read more

Federal Employment Laws: Do They Apply to You?

Employee Rights Working Benefits Skill Career Compensation Concept

As someone who runs a business or helps with human resources, you are busy with many employee-related tasks, including recruiting and onboarding, employee relations, benefits, and perhaps payroll. But as you go about your day-to-day work, there are many federal laws that must keep up with, because not doing so may lead to serious consequences … Read more

Is Your Business Ready for Paid Family Leave? What You Need to Know

paid family leave with gavel

Paid family leave has recently become a hot topic not just for Democrats but also for Republicans. The lucky few employees who already have access to paid family leave are paid fully or partially for long leaves from work for reasons that typically include caring for newly born or adopted children, seriously ill children, or … Read more

When Classifying Workers as Independent Contractors, Remember the ABCs


A recent decision of the California Supreme Court offers a reminder to employers that it can be dangerous to classify workers as independent contractors unless they truly are. When determining whether workers are properly identified as independent contractors, courts may apply one or more tests while examining the facts of workers’ employment conditions to determine … Read more

Employment laws can change in a moment.
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