Be Informed on State Employment Laws

Information is power and in the hands of serious employers this information can help to ensure that they are treating all employees fairly and according to state law. Employee handbooks should be standard for every company, especially companies in California, but in the event that your business does not have one, there are resources on … Read more

Keys to a Successful Performance Appraisal Program

Performance appraisal word cloud

If done well, a performance appraisal program can be an excellent tool to help improve employee engagement and performance. They also provide an opportunity for managers and supervisors to build stronger relationships of trust with employees and can lead to greater work satisfaction. If done poorly or haphazardly, however, performance appraisals can have exactly the … Read more

The Benefits of Progressive Discipline Policies

business and time management concept - boss showing watch to stressed businesswoman

Employee discipline is a necessary evil for most employers. It’s never fun to do and can lead to unhappy employees. Moreover, there is always the risk that discipline will lead to discrimination or other work-related claims, whether merited or not. But the long-term consequences of neglecting employee discipline can soon out outweigh the short-term discomfort … Read more

4 Tips for Implementing a New Employee Policy

White clock with words Time to Improve on its face, symbolizing the need to enact a plan for improvement in a business or organization working to reach its goal

Most employees are creatures of habit and like coming to work each day knowing what will be expected of them. Changes can be unsettling and disruptive to employee morale, especially when those changes are perceived as creating greater restrictions. When implementing a new employee policy or changing an existing one, you should be aware of … Read more

Employment laws can change in a moment.
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