Something you need to know before you tell your employees not to discuss wages with co-workers

Construction workers working on cement formwork frames

As an employer, you may have employees who work in the same classification, have worked for the company for the same amount of time, but for whatever reason are paid different wage rates. You may have completely legal, non-discriminatory reasons for paying different wage rates to similarly situated employees. Moreover, in order to prevent damaging … Read more

New rules for domestice service employees who provide companionship services

Senior woman with her domestic service employee

The U.S. Department of Labor is now enforcing new regulations governing domestic service employees who provide companionship services to individuals due to their age or because they have an illness, injury, or disability. The Fair Labor Standards Act exempts domestic service workers who provided companionship services from its minimum wage and overtime requirements. Feeling that … Read more

Do you owe your salaried employees overtime?


Because of the significant number of employment laws and their complexity, compliance can become difficult due to the confusion created by having so many laws. One such confusion faced by many employers revolves around paying employee on a salary basis and the impact that has on paying employees overtime. Many employers believe that paying employees … Read more

Unapproved Hours Worked and Time and Attendance Policies

Stressed Businesswoman Working In Office

One question I get asked with some regularity is whether an employer must pay an employee for time spent working without permission, even if the employee has been told not to do so. It may be an employee who works through a lunch period which is supposed to be unpaid or an employee who begins … Read more

Employment laws can change in a moment.
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