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Since 2008, EmploymentLawHandbook.com has been the resource to help you and your small business find the information you need on state and federal laws. Designed to assist employers and employees find answers to employment and labor law questions, Employment Law Handbook also covers many different areas of labor law including wage payment, discrimination, workplace safety, unemployment, and many others.

You can search the site for laws that pertain to a particular state, or you could discover the trends in current meal and break laws. Information on specific federal laws, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, is also available. Browse our dozens of categories covering employment and labor law topics such as fringe benefits, leave laws, bereavement leave, overtime, discrimination, severance pay, uniforms, retaliation and whistleblower laws, OSHA, NLRA information, and more via our Employment and Labor Law Topics page.

Enjoy convenient, easy access to information regarding the laws of a specific state; get started by clicking on a state on our State Employment and Labor Laws page. Each state has its own laws regarding employment in addition to federal laws, so it’s important that employers and employees understand the laws that govern their particular states. We also provide links to State Departments of Labor that are responsible for administering laws that are state-specific, along with federal laws that govern in every state.

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Small Business Handbooks

EmploymentLawHandbook.com also provides employee handbook services to businesses of all sizes, with an emphasis on small businesses. Our employee handbook experts make creating an employee handbook easy and will work with you every step of the way to ensure you receive a handbook that meets your business needs. If you already have an employee handbook, our experts can work with you to ensure that it has all the policies you need and is up to date with current employment laws.

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, there is no reason for you to delay getting your small business employee handbook. Find out more about our Employee Handbook Services.